virtual leadership more human.

A book about lived experience and growth helping you to become a better human and eventually a better leader. We have to work on ourselves. Become better humans ourselves to then become better leaders for our teams.

Working on releasing it fully in 2024.

The book is currently in beta. You can get early access on Gumroad and read the first 3 chapters. The official release of the whole book is going to be 2024.

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There is more than just the book.

The full bundle contains more than just the book. You will get access to extra guides, tools and workflows that I use as a leader. And soon stickers!

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Table of contents

Check out what's in the book! 6 chapters full of great stories, tips, and thoughts.



What is virtual leadership? What is the difference to management, and what does more human actually mean. A short introduction to the topic, and why I am writing this book.


Becoming a Better Human.

Starting with the most important topic. Yourself. What does that actually mean? And what is adult development in the context of growing yourself?


Four Essential Practices.

To not just talk about theory, I am sharing 4 really important practices and how to put them into action. How to become more self-aware. Staying curious. Being more authentic, and seeing things in systems.


Virtual Communication.

Communication is the foundation of great leadership and teamwork. How can we bring the human element back into our virtual world? What is more important synchronous or asynchronous? How do to effective 1:1s, and more.


Virtual Collaboration.

Building relationships and learning more about the people you work with is very valuable. In this chapter I am sharing more insights into how to collaborate well, and with empathy. From relationship building to facilitating meetings.


Building Safe Virtual Teams.

Last but definitely not least is a the sum of it all. How to build psychological safe teams in a virtual world. Creating bonds and safe spaces is an important task for a leader. This chapter contains various points that will help you along the way.

Buy early or pre-order.

You can buy the early access version on Gumroad. If you consider buying it from Gumroad, I am offering a selection of various packages, starting from $9.99. Be aware that only 3 chapters are currently available.

What my beta readers are saying.

Don't just take my word for it. Here are few early readers sharing their thoughts about the book.

"I really like it so far. Love how you brought across your personal experiences. I learned a bunch of things and got excited to try out others. Like getting a leadership coach."

- Wout Hermans, Director at Mural

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About the author.

What about me? Who am I? Why am I writing this book?

Hej, I am Marcus.

I've been working remotely for 10 years and have been leading virtual teams for the last 6 years at companies like Buffer and now Remote. Since becoming a manager, leadership and organizational development have been my passion. I read a lot, learned a ton, and even become a trained Leadership Coach with CTI. Giving talks and writing articles, I noticed that there is a big need in resources for leaders of virtual teams. I love sharing, so here we are: Putting all my learnings into one book.

The author - Marcus Wermuth